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Interior Painting Brightens Any Room

You do not have to make a lot of expensive changes to create a different look inside your home. Interior painting is an affordable option that will dress up your interiors. At Coverdale Painting & Wallcovering, we know how to use color to make your home's interior beautiful and inviting. We take pride in the proper surface preparation so that there will be a good finish after painting. We take care of every detail on every painting project. For your convenience, we can supply the paint, or you can provide your own. We take pride in using Sherman Williams, Benjamin Moore, Hirshfield's and Valspar paints and we can use other brands at the homeowner's request.

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The Bidding Process

For both interior and exterior painting, the bidding process is the same. When you call us, we will come to your home, examine the project, and give you a no-cost bid in the form of a contract proposal.

Room Prepped for Painting

Add Color to Your Surroundings

Our interior service includes covering woodwork, floors, and furniture to protect them from damage. Next, we do any necessary patching and sanding of walls to repair flaws, and then we apply two coats of paint to the walls. Certain jobs require primer application before painting to ensure the paint goes on effectively.

If your home's interior has wallpaper you no longer want, we do wallpaper removal. Then we wash the paste off, apply a sealer, and patch and sand the walls to create the smoothest surface possible. We complete the process by applying a primer and two coats of paint.

A Better Overhead Look

Let us improve the appearance of your textured ceilings. We will spray them so that they have a nice, even finish. If you have popcorn ceilings you no longer want, we will remove them and repaint the surface. We will also add texture to create ceilings that look modern and stylish.

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